Get the comfort you deserve with the commode convenience you need

If you or a loved one use a bedside commode, you've probably experienced the hassles of the seat that comes with the original seat and lid. Many, many people have complained of discomfort, a lack of stability, or fear of falling through the hole. And it's true - the original manufacturer's seat and lid are often made of thin plastic, which doesn't seem designed for adults. The seat itself is too thin... and the hole in the middle is too large.

But what if that didn't matter? What if there were a way for you to actually use a regular toilet seat with the commode you have? Same goes for toilet frames - what if you could actually use the same seat from the toilet, instead of that uncomfortable plastic replacement?

Well, now you can! With the Comod Comfort Seat Adapter, you can quickly and easily clip a standard American toilet seat to the commode frame. In just a few minutes, you can attach the Seat Adapter, and with a few clicks, snap it in place, so your familiar toilet seat is ready to go.

Why suffer with an awkward - even painful - design? Well, you don't have to anymore! With Commode Comfort, you're Good To Go!