Collection: Go Pack

When you need to "go"... on the go, make sure you have your Go Pack Collection with you, for a comfortable portable "outhouse" you can set up just about anywhere there's space. Whether you're on a long road trip and will be hours from the nearest facilities, or you're winter camping, and you'd rather not have to snowshoe to the bath house at 3 a.m. in bear country, this collection will set you up with just what you need for privacy, comfort, and convenience exactly when you need it.

The Go Pack Collection includes:

  • A folding portable commode that collapses into an easy-to-pack-and-transport size.
  • A Commode ComfortTM Seat Adapter that lets you attach a standard toilet seat to the bedside commode frame.
  • A lightweight round standard toilet seat that's much more comfortable than the seat that comes with the commode.
  • An easy to assemble, spacious privacy tent, made especially for keeping you and your commode comfortably out of sight.